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Into the Beautiful North!


Caldera Views:Blue Lake and Link Creek

Caldera: Blue Lake with Mt. Washington in the distance and the view from my studio of Link Creek.

I am in the woods, spending a month working on a new animated film at Caldera, near Sisters, Oregon. Caldera was created in 1996 by Dan Weiden of the Weiden+Kennedy Advertising Agency, as a “catalyst for the transformation of underserved youth through innovative year-round art and environmental programs.” In winter, Caldera runs an Artists in Residence Program, with five or six artists, musicians and writers here each month. They are given a cabin, studios (for two residents) and “the time and space to create”. You should apply!

Caldera views

Clockwise from top left: Caldera A-frame cabins (mine is on the right), chain saw bear and decorated cow in the Hearth Building, monumental fireplace and black cat (also chainsaw art) on the Hearth Building fireplace and the water wheel on Link Creek.

February has been surprisingly warm here, with highs up to 54 degrees. I brought a down parka but wore it only at the Hoodoo Winter Carnival. Every day has been bright and sunny with only one snowstorm so far.

Caldera Hearth Building

Caldera: The Hearth Building in February. This is the largest building, with a huge kitchen and a great hall where we can look at films.

It is a marvelous gift to be able to spend a month in this deeply inspiring environment with complete solitude, profound quiet and a sweet, little cabin to work in. Yesterday, while sitting at my table struggling with After Effects, I saw two sleek, black-brown otters gallop along the snow drifts and tumble in and out of Link Creek. Major treat!

HooDoo Winter Carnival

The torch procession (using highway flares) and the huge fire pit at the Hoodoo Winter Carnival.

Last weekend, all of the artists-in-residence piled into Van-na White and drove to Hoodoo Winter Carnival, at a small ski resort ten miles from here. They had snow sculptures (the kids loved climbing into the toothy shark tunnel), live country music and a huge fire pit (left).

The grand finale was a dramatic torch light procession down the mountain (left), with skiers waving highway flares on long poles and a terrific fireworks display.

Caldera Colonists

Fellow Caldera Colonists, February 2013: Helen Hunt, Roger Peet, Jason Baker, Elsbeth Pancrazi and Laura Gibson.


One comment on “Caldera

  1. cconifer
    March 1, 2013

    that sounds absolutely lovely! yes, i want a cabin of silence to create within! & what an appropriate polarity of life to go from your silent cabin in the snowy woods to the steamy glitterati of the oscars; such extremes, according to Steiner, are what stimulate aliveness, & therefore creativity!

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