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Yukon Architecture

The architecture in Dawson is interesting. The trees here are thin and building materials are brought in.  Structures are preserved by the dry cold, but they can eventually collapse because of the ‘heaves’. More than half of Dawson is built on ice rich permafrost (permanently frozen ground) that is 60 meters thick. When the ice melts, the ground loses volume, buildings sink, roads buckle and water pipes snap.
Many new buildings fit in well but some look like the one below: plain, boxy, painted in bright colors and devoid of architectural interest.  This is a hotel near my house that is owned by the Princess Cruises. It is used for passengers on overnight excursions in Dawson. Most of the hotels, shops and other businesses are shuttered for the winter. Unfortunately all of the museums and historic sites are too. The public library and the lovely, small library at the School of Visual Art (one year program) are both open as are the two grocery stores (lots of vegetables!), drug store, liquor store, DVD store, several shops and many bars.
I went to the Percy Memorial Dog Sled Race banquet tonight. Everyone got a prize and the winner received $3000. The vets gave an award (cash plus a donated $1800 gold nugget in a little back velvet sack) for the person who took the best care of their dogs. Nice! The winner was wearing cargo shorts and he said he couldn’t wait for summer to be over so it would be winter and he could start racing again. Wow.
Leaving the banquet, I was struggling to zip up my 25 pound, knee length, fire engine red Arctic parka (I love it, it’s so warm!) and put on my splendid faux fur hat (thanks Pick!) and a sinewy middle aged woman who finished fourth in the race threw on her thin little windbreaker (no hat, no gloves, no purse: no one carries a purse here, they carry everything in their parka pockets) and dashed into the -8 (18 F) degree evening. Every sunny afternoon, my neighbors sit outside on their porch, chatting.

5 comments on “Yukon Architecture

  1. Debbie Kaye
    March 26, 2012

    So fun to have your view of Dawson, Joanna. Thanks for sharing!
    Can you tell us about your work?

  2. Yukon Animator
    March 27, 2012

    Hi Debbie- Not much to describe so far as I am just getting started on a new film. I have been experimenting with metamorphoses of magnified snowflakes and modified Haida designs. I usually animate until 2 PM, then I take a walk for a few hours. The light is to bright in my studio to see the screen, with two big windows, no curtains and pristine white snowfields on all sides of the house. It’s glorious! xox

  3. A.M.I. Rowe
    March 30, 2012

    Brrrrr! A thin windbreaker in 18 degrees F? I guess I might get used to that if I lived there! I can just imagine the guy in the cargo shorts, too. There was a student that would walk around my college in Pennsylvania all winter, and he never work a jacket or pants. It was always a baggy t-shirt and cargo shorts.

  4. A.M.I. Rowe
    March 30, 2012

    By the way, this is Dre!

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